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You are responsible for pipeline valves
Sales: Fengtai District, Beijing West International Trade Building, Building 9, Room B2-1028
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VIP Members
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VIP Members

2.1 through a web site registered in ordinary web site users conversion to come over, must be approved by the official

management approval.
2.2 VIP member also has to product certificate confirmed and related information query retrieval function, and can be

authorized inquires therecord and query.

(note: includeing search content, certification, Numbers, personnel inquires, record inquires, authorization inquires)

2.3 for my company authorized inquires authorized in the national agency and marketing agency authorized documents,

shall apply for usersto click on the VIP member of our company can use open authentication.

2.4 for my company record inquires sales contract for the record, through several different inquires the conditions that

related project and personnel query the record information, ensure the authenticity of the contract

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·VIP Members
Valve Garden
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·Valve maintenance
Proxy Statement
·Agency seniority
·Cooperation process
·Rights and duties
Foreign Trade
·Trade Process
·Trading company
·Tax Information
·Sales appointment
·Technical Support
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