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Trade Process
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Trade Process
1. The customer enquiries: general in the customer perchase Order under before, will have the relevant Order Inquiry to the sales department, do some details of understanding.
2.offer      : business department guest inquires reply, determine the commodity name, type, production factory, quantity, delivery, payment, packing specification and ark
Type and so on, peroforma Invoice to the customer to make formal offer.
3. Get orders: after negotiations, receiving customer orders for the formal perchase Order.
4. The production order: get the guest's the order is confirmed, to the factory orders and arrange production plan.
5. Business examination and approval: business department received an order, first a business audit table.Press the "export contract review form" project truthfully fill in, as far as possible will all kinds of
Is expected to cost are listed.The examination and approval must submit the guest orders a faxed copy, and factory purchasing contract.Audit table to sign by the salesman, the department manager for examination and approval
, again hand over management department personnel audit to execution.If the amount is larger, or have the advance payment and the commissions and other terms, the company general manager for examination and approval to just go.contract
After examination and approval, and made into sales order, to department process member follow up.
6. Give production notice: sales department in determining the delivery time, meet the following conditions can give production notice, notice the factory production on time:
6.1: if is L/C payment of the customers, usually in the delivery time 1 month before the confirmed L/C has been received and received after the L/C should be the salesman and documents member review letter respectively
Use card, check error, and can guarantee delivery, and other possible problems, if there is a problem shall be immediately treat people change certificate.
6.2: if T/T payment of the customer, make sure the deposit has come to the cashier.
6.3: if it is put his client, or through the bank D/A way of proceeds, etc., should be the manager confirmed.
7. The inspection:
7.1: a week before delivery, to notify the company qc inspection.
7.2: if the guest to yourself or designated inspection personnel to the inspection, to a week ago in the delivery date, about the customer and check goods check goods date to tell in planning.
7.3: if the guest designated by the third party inspection company or justice line inspection, etc, to two weeks ago in delivery time and inspection company contact, make an appointment inspection time, really
The arrangement good time before delivery.After inspection will determine time inform factory.
8. The basic document preparation.The factory with the packing material, production export contract, export the commercial invoice, packing list and other documents (should by business merchandiser production,
To the only evidence member).
9. The commodity inspection: if the state legal inspection products, in order to the factory to explain the commodity inspection requirements, and provide export contract and invoice for material inspection
.And to tell the factory of the future product export port, facilitate factory for the commodity inspection.Should be in a week to get the renewal inspection before shipment against article /.
10. Charter charters:
10.1. If with guests signed a contract terms FOB CHINA, usually the guest will be designated transportation agency company or the shipping company.Should contact with forwarder as soon as possible, to let us know
Delivery intention, understand the export port will arrange, shipment etc, Q confirm the delivery can be earlier than factory open shipping date at least a week before, and date of sailing can
To the request of customer delivery.Should be in two weeks before delivery to the shipping company reserved by written notice (ING ORDER), usually within a week ago can take
To reserved paper.
10.2. If by the seller is to pay the freight, as early as possible should be from the shipping company or the shipping company consulting the shipment, freight rate, set sail ports, etc.By comparison, choose the preferential price
And good reputation, the shipping date right the ship company, and tell the salesman notice to the guest.As guests don't agree with the other guests when approved by the shipping company.After two weeks before
Written reserved, program are the same as above.
10.3. If the goods not a small ark, need to go bulk cargo, the company decided to forwarder cargo positions.Contributions to paper, but must understand the cut off time, for contributions
Close requirements, etc.
10.4. To transportation company reserved, be sure to fax paper written reserved, indicate the set by the shipment, ark type and quantity, the purpose of the content, in order to avoid mistakes.
11. Arrange and storage:
11.1. The goods do and inspection through, commissioned by the trailer company carry ark, installed counters.The company should choose safe trailer
Depend, price reasonable company signed an agreement on the long-term cooperation, to ensure security and on time.To give the trailer fax the following information: reserved confirmation/put the ark paper, the ship
The company, reserved number, and storage, a power of attorney, indicate the ark with time, ark type and quantity, install ark address, customs broker, and the port of loading, etc.If have inspection company look
The container, want special statement, not late.And it required a otc material, listed container number, plates, driver, and contact phone number, etc
11.2. Fax a loading material to the factory, otc listed time, ark type, order a storehouse number, the order number, and contact number plates of the driver.
11.3. Asked the factory from the factory in container as soon as possible after fax a loading notice to the sales department, list from the factory, the actual time container loading quantity, and keep loading
Box number and seal number as the bill of lading material.Asked the factory installed counters to remember after the seals.
12. Entrusted customs declaration: in the ark will drag at the same time required for customs data to the cooperation customs broker, entrusted export customs declaration and clearance for the single.Usually will give the customs declaration set aside
Two days (the ship cut off before).Entrusted customs declaration, should provide a pack ark material, content including the shipping goods and quantity, port, the ship company, reserved number,
Container number, the boat cut off time, the trailer company, ark type and quantity, this company the contact person and telephone, etc.
13. Get transport documents:
13.1. The latest within two days after shipment, bill of lading will fill material content fax to the shipping company or freight agent.Fill material according to find the L/C or the requirements of customer to do,
And give the correct the quantity of goods, and some special requirements, etc, including asked the company along with the bill of lading out ship certification, etc.
13.2. Supervise the shipping company out bill of lading as soon as possible and freight bill model.Check carefully samples and correct, to the shipping company confirmed in writing the bill of lading content.If the bill of lading should be
The guest confirmation of, want to fax template to the guest of bill of lading, confirmed then asked the company out of the original.
13.3. Time pay the freight, shipping company after payment notice in the bill of lading made transportation documents.Pay the freight shall do register.
14. Ready to other documents
14.1. The commercial invoice: L/C is required to provide documents, the most strict requirements of the commercial invoice.The date of the invoice to determine the issuing day after the date of delivery
Before.The goods description and to invoice the L/C on exactly the same, lowercase and capital amount are to correct.The L/C on the terms of the invoice shall be shown,
Want to show shipping mark.If the invoice shall deal with each other embassy the authentication, generally want to advance for 20 days.
14.2. FORMA certificate of origin: FORM A certificate of origin to prior to shipment to the inspection and quarantine bid.The need to pay attention to the delivery date is in of L/C /
The goods time and sailing days before, after the invoice date.Failed to deal with the before shipment, should deal with a certificate of backwardness, need to offer customs declaration, the bill of lading, and other documents.
The Hong Kong transport of goods, generally to FORM A certificate to Hong Kong China commodity inspection company for signature, proof of the goods in Hong Kong are not again processing.
14.3. General certificate of origin: general certificate of origin in China trade promotion association to deal with, low demand some.But after the shipment in not too long a time fill do
.If the certificate of origin should deal with signature of the embassy, and invoice must deal with 20 days in advance.
14.4. Shipping advice: general is required within a few days after shipment, want to notice the details of the shipment guests, including the name of carrying vessel, flight times, sailing,, is expected to
Port,, goods and quantity, amount, number of packages, marks, destination agent, etc.Sometimes the L/C is required to provide proof of sending, such as fax report, hair
The bottom of the letter form, and pay attention to the time according to client's requirement is dealt with.
14.5. Packing list: packing list should clearly indicate a container.Want to show the number of every and packed, each box of the gross weight, net weight, outside the box sizes.According to
Outside the box dimensions calculated overall product to the overall product conform with marked.To display case number and shipping mark, so that the guest to search.Packing list of weight, volume
To conform to the bill of lading.
15. / p:
15.1. The L/C proceeds, should be in the provision of p time, prepare all the documents, and strictly the sheet, make sure there are no mistakes, only pay the bank for negotiation.
15.2. By T/T in the, in the bill of lading made right after the b/l to fax payment, confirmed by the balance after the original bill of lading will be sent to guest and other documents.
15.3. If the T/T proceeds, the requirements to do all of the ark to arrange and storage, again after payment.Immediately after the bill of lading to send the original b/l to the guests.
16. Business registration: every single export business in after the completion of the registration in time to do, including computer registration and written registration, facilitate later inquiry, statistics, etc.
17. File: all the documents and the L/C and the files must be retained for a set in.
18. The only evidence member should pay attention to collect freight rate changes at ordinary times, the shipment, route, and other information, to offer help salesman.
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